After Purchase of a Belkin range extender You need to connect your computer to belkin range extender and open the browser to complete your setup.You can extend your Home wireless network up to some additional square feet with the help of your belkin range extender. The Belkin WiFi Range Extenders are devices that act as repeaters for your existing Wireless router’s signals. you can set up your Belkin range Extenders without using cables and wires.In order to Setup your Belkin range Extender follow these steps below and it will guide you on how to set up your belkin range extender wirelessly. Belkin.range


Before you Start your Belkin range extender setup, make sure that you have the following things available:

  1. A working Belkin WiFi Range Extender.
  2. An existing Wireless network and its wireless router’s network name and wireless security key.
  3. A Wireless capable device for Example Laptop,Desktop, tablet or smartphone.

in case you are using a dual band WiFi router,which has a secure the Wireless Network name and wireless Security key on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network bands, Make sure to get the Password Correctly.


You can Follow these Step by Step guidance for a Complete Belkin Range Setup

(1) Plug in your Wireless Belkin range extender into the power outlet which is within the range of your  wireless network of a Wireless Router as shown in the image below.


(2) Using your WiFi Enabled device, search and connect with WiFi Network named Belkin.setup .


In Case you are not able to see this Wireless network, you can try resetting the Belkin range extender. In order to do that, You can simply press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds while it is turned ON.  After resetting your Belkin range Extender you need to Power cycle the range extender then connect to the network again.Belkin range setup

Wait until your Laptop or Your Device is connected to the Belkin.setup network before proceeding to the next step.

(3) Open your Internet browser such as Safari,Chrome or Internet Explore and In the Address bar Type and enter “http://belkin.range“.

(4) You will see a  Screen which has option to select the Get Started.

(5) After clicking on get started, your Extender will search for available wireless networks.

(6) Select the WiFi network you want to extend.  click Next once done. you can click on Refresh if your network is not shown in the list.

(7) Wait for the WiFi Network to get configured, you will see icon says connecting to Network.

(8) If your WiFi Network has a Security key enter your WiFi network’s password then click Next. once your WiFi Network Password is Authenticated you will see option to create an extended network.

Your Belkin range extender is now configured.  You will see your network settings on the screen, and you will get the option to print the information if you needed.

In case you need any help During your Setup, you can call our Belkin Customer Support number or Chat with our Expert , Our Technical Support number is +1-844-588-0008.